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Hey Earthlings,

After a lot of trial and error, I finally found a regimen that has been working efficiently for my skin. I’ll be sharing with you guys what I’ve been doing and hopefully you can pick something that you could incorporate in your routine.

My skin type

I may or may not have mentioned this before on the blog, I have combination skin type! The T- zone area tends to be oily and prone to breaking out. My cheeks area range from dry to normal which is fine but very hard when it comes to caring for my skin because I have to take both diverse ranges (dry and too oily) into consideration.


Products I have been using

  1. Alison Rose Water
  2. Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash
  3. Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  4. Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer
  5. Cotton Wool … Duuh!

Step by Step Process

  • The first thing I usually do is wash my hands with a sanitizer. I know that may seem like a common sense thing to do but I never used to do that (common sense isn’t that common you know!).

person wash hands

  • After washing my face I use two drops of Clean and Clear Morning energy face wash and rub it in the T-Zone area. This face wash literally sucks out the moisture in your skin so I only use a drop or two and avoid using it in the cheek area cause It make it super dry. I just let the face wash run down the cheeks.
  • Afterwards, I pat dry my now washed face then I use a few drops of Alison Rose Water on cotton wool and wipe across my forehead, and everywhere else on my face
  • Once I ensure all the dirt is wiped out, I use a pint size of Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and apply it on the T- zone area first then on the cheek area. It’s a bit oily but good for acne so I use it sparingly.
  • I let it set in before going in with the Clean and Clear Oil free Moisturizer. I’ll have to say that this product is the best investment I have made so far this year. I just apply it like you would any face cream. The most important thing with these products is not to use much – piling suffocates the pores.

I rarely wear makeup nowadays but I do live in a neighborhood that is very dusty and the heat is currently unbearable. Basically the most important thing about my current routine is keeping my face clean hence the cleaning, wiping and less piling.

Over to You …

What is your skin type? I’d like to know how you take care of your skin and what products you use.

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

With Love, Jade Jums.


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