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Well, hello Earthlings!

Three years ago my life was extremely different from it is today. Everything that has happened has impacted on who I am and where I am, I believe. I do have regrets but I act like I don’t cause society frowns upon people who say they do.


BUT within the process of living, failing and existing I have learnt CORE useful lessons that I think everyone, no matter your age, race, gender should know:-

Go with your guts

Remember that big decision you are trying to make. Don’t ignore your intuition, sometimes your heart knows things you can’t explain.

Get out of your head

I know! Easier said than done but if you can at least try to be aware and acknowledge when you are slipping away, hm? Don’t let the tough times define you!

God is in control

I understand if you have a hard time believing this cause honestly most times when bad things happen ( underage rape cases, injustice etc) I always tend to doubt too. But then I remind myself, if everything in my life was perfect – going as I want and wish, I wouldn’t need Gods grace at all, I mean why? We don’t need to understand His why but trust that He knows what is best for you.

Surround yourself with positive people

I used to underestimate the power of being positive until I was at crossroads and staying pessimistic was draining me, literally! People who understand your dreams, support and motivate you should be your closest friends. Motivation is contagious.

Over To You …

What are some of the useful lessons you have learnt with time – and feel people should take into consideration more?

Thank you for reading. New post every week.

With Love, Jade Jums.



Keep dreaming.


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