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I remember on my first day of counselling, I talked and blew my nose A LOT. She was a christian counselor so after endlessly talking about how I think I am messed up, she first prayed for me and told me I need to forgive. With tears balancing on my eyes, I stared at her… Continue reading FODREAMY1on1: LEARNING TO FORGIVE

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I can't explain the joy I am filled with when I see people who are in love. Real love is contagious, I find myself giggling and blushing because it's so fulfilling and amazing. Before any couple get's to that point; usually they go through the dating phase. According to Wikipedia, Dating is a stage of… Continue reading DATE SOMEONE WHO

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I am definitely a Vaseline on my lips kind of girl, but I often prefer gloss over matte lipstick cause my lips are plump - lipstick tends to accentuates my lips, which isn't a bad thing but sometimes I just want equal attention on my crappy eye makeup and dazzling unibrow too. I had never… Continue reading REVIEW| LIP GLOSS DUO – BLUE BERRY and SWEET CHERRY

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Last month I was scrolling through my blog and I could see that my posts are a representation of what phase in life I am in. It was mind-blowing to discover that, you know! It just reminded me of how I have always been intertwined with my emotions. Growing up, writing was my way of venting my… Continue reading BABY STEPS

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The older you get, more responsibilities come your way. It's part of growing but the negative impact of this is we tend to take life way to serious - chasing after that degree, your dream job and that lover boy - thus turning into an "all work and no play" kind of lady. Unfortunately, most… Continue reading WAYS TO REIGNITE FUN WITH YOUR GIRL FRIEND

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I happen to be a huge fan of romance books. I know... I know, cliché and all but I live for the fantasy! One of my favorite reading tools is Wattpad, I am surprised that most people are unfamiliar with this service. Basically, Wattpad is a reading and writing platform that is like an e-book… Continue reading WATTPAD TOP FIVE: ROMANCE EDITION

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Things To Be Grateful For

With the hustle and worries of everyday life activities, it's easy to take for granted all the little aspects of life that deserve appreciation and really matter. Once in a while we need to take a step back, deep breath and acknowledge we are blessed even in the midst of stormy life experiences. Here are… Continue reading Things To Be Grateful For

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Things I Want People To Know About Anxiety

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you must be aware of my struggle with GAD. I won’t get much into the history but you can always read my previous posts. Having an anxiety disorder is confusing and with all the misconceptions around it, it makes it easy for the misunderstanding. Here as… Continue reading Things I Want People To Know About Anxiety

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Life Breaks My Heart

Good afternoon friend, it has been a while and my apologies for disappearing. It has been a month of getting all my school work done and studying for exams which I finished yesterday. I feel like shit. I thought after finishing my exams I’d feel better, well – that hasn’t happened yet! Don’t get me… Continue reading Life Breaks My Heart

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Review| Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil

Growing up, my grandma used to make homemade coconut oil and I hated it. She used it on her skin, hair and I didn't understand the obsession. Fast forward ten years later and I use coconut oil on my face, my body, hair and everything else in between. I talked about this Indian guy when… Continue reading Review| Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil