I Wish, And Wish Some More| Spoken Word Poetry

Standing in-front of a mirror, As I apply two coats of mascara on my top lashes; I can't help but stare at my lips; Plump - Just the way Kylie likes them. My mind takes me to that time someone said I'm lucky for I don't have big breast problems, "How does it feel to … Continue reading I Wish, And Wish Some More| Spoken Word Poetry

Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

At age twelve with fresh braided bantu knots She sighed and stared at the red door,  This was it.  Tilting her head and raising her hand out to reach for the door bell,  In there, her Goliath awaited.  This time she believed by avoiding eye contact she could do it.  Walking past the now opened … Continue reading Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

“Don’t Worry. Calm Down!”

She is excessively tense and jumpy and has trouble focusing, concentrating or remembering things. She is unable to feel happiness, joy, love and has trouble connecting with people.

Fodreamy101: Fear Of The Unknown

For the past four years I've been staying with my aunt and cousins in the city.Yes, I do have both my parents alive and Yes, me and my family get along. I was brought up in the coastal side of the country, where all the fun stuff happen:-Beaches, Tourists, amazing food and epic accent!? Intesting … Continue reading Fodreamy101: Fear Of The Unknown

Get To Know Me Tag

Today I decided to do something different,again. I came across this tag on pinterest and I thought I'd try it out 'cause it seemed interesting. So lets dive right into the questions, I hope you enjoy:- 1.If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I have so many places in mind but i’ll go … Continue reading Get To Know Me Tag

#Fodreamy101: Why I Became A Loner

Of course I know I'm a strange lonely weirdo, tell me something I don't know. Most people who I know and interact with are either my relatives or close family friends. The fact that I have social anxiety and every time I'm forced to interact with a group /crowd of people I have my fingers … Continue reading #Fodreamy101: Why I Became A Loner

Let The War Begin

I rarely give myself credit for being awesome but deep down I know I'm awesome, strong and a fighter. I like holding onto my "normal days" because sometimes they really don't last that long. My childhood was normal - being goofy,playing at the neighbor's house till late, getting home and receiving a beating for different … Continue reading Let The War Begin