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DIY| Avocado Hair Treatment

Avocado is great for quick softening, moisturizing and deep conditioning. They are rich in fatty acids which are very nourishing for dry, brittle hair. I have tried this treatment several times and I acknowledge the amazing results it gives to my hair. What You'll Need 1 avocado (peeled) 1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon olive oil… Continue reading DIY| Avocado Hair Treatment

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My Face Care Routine During Breakouts

I happen to have the most strange skin (face) you'll ever come across thus the uncertainty of my skin can at times bring me to tears, literally. I can wake up with smooth skin today and two days later I look like a horned melon. I'm not complaining though, I guess I'm used to it… Continue reading My Face Care Routine During Breakouts

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Blogtober|Day Eleven – 4 Important Hacks For Natural Hair

We can all agree that maintaining natural hair can be challenging at times. In my short period of being completely natural, I have learnt - through research and experience - common knowledge tips that have made it a "lesser struggle" to care for natural hair. Here are a few: Use shampoo on scalp. Scrub your… Continue reading Blogtober|Day Eleven – 4 Important Hacks For Natural Hair

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My Current Hair Regimen 

Usually after undoing my hair from a protective style, I let it breathe for about a month. During this period I formulate a regimen that I put into action to care for my hair. Currently this is my regimen:- Wash hair with shampoo twice a month  I constantly have my hair in braids so I… Continue reading My Current Hair Regimen 

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FodreamyInterviews: 003- Ryley from Faded Element 

At a young age of 20 years old Ryley, a lifestyle blogger from United States has mastered a creative way of writing unique and catchy posts for her blog Faded Element I had the opportunity to chat with her via email about Faded Element, her love for fashion and life itself and here is what… Continue reading FodreamyInterviews: 003- Ryley from Faded Element 

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Struggles Of Wearing Eyeglasses 

It feels like a lifetime ago since I started wearing spectacles. Anyone who wears spectacles recommended by an Optician and not as a fashion statement will understand it's no fun and games having to depend on your spectacles 24 hours a day. I'm lucky that I can slightly see without my glasses - though I… Continue reading Struggles Of Wearing Eyeglasses 

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Review|L.A. Colors : Pout Lip gloss (Super Shine) and Lip Trio

Pout Lip gloss (Super Shine) I've never really liked lip gloss and I'd pick Vaseline over lip gloss any other day. I received this as a gift and as I used it up I became a little attached. Super shine is quite well pigmented and stays on longer than it should. It also gives the… Continue reading Review|L.A. Colors : Pout Lip gloss (Super Shine) and Lip Trio

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Review|Primark Beauty – Eyeshadow Palette

I always skip wearing eye-shadow because under my glasses it won't show unless I pile it on. My cousin bought this at £2 and gave it to me cause she's that generous. It comes as a little box with a mirror in the lid with 10 stunning eye shadows and a brush. Inside, each shadow… Continue reading Review|Primark Beauty – Eyeshadow Palette

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How To|Wear Make-Up Under Eyeglasses

Because you wear eyeglasses doesn't necessarily mean you can't treat your eyes to some good make up for a stunning impact. Heres how: 1. Curl your lashes Upturned lashes make your eyes look wide and bright 2. Trace eyeliner along your lash line Skip eyeshadow, it wont show unless you pile it on 3. Apply… Continue reading How To|Wear Make-Up Under Eyeglasses

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FodreamySpotlight: 001 – Valentina Batrac 

Welcome to #FodreamySpotlight series. This month the spotlight shines on Valentina Not only is she young and vibrant, she's also talented and stylish. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger proud owner of p.s. minimalist blog and I have to admit I have been stalking her for over a year now and Mehn! I'm obsessed.… Continue reading FodreamySpotlight: 001 – Valentina Batrac