Why I Volunteer – I am what I am because of who we all are 

A few days ago I was filling in my first ever volunteering application form. One question; Kindly give reasons why you are interested in taking part in the volunteering program intrigued me. Just like any application form I felt that this was just a rhetoric question and for some unknown reason, I had the urge … Continue reading Why I Volunteer – I am what I am because of who we all are 


Two Years On WordPress

Two years down the line and I still can't pinpoint what my blogging niche is. Hmm! Typical Jade always wants to be all over the place, settling for one thing isn't enough for me, YET! I can finally cross out "Start a blog" from my bucket list 'cause its official my blog is here to … Continue reading Two Years On WordPress

A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

Hello stranger, Happy New Year! I hope this finds you well, Welcome back to FODREAMY . I will not get into the "New Year, New Me" cliche shenanigans but I will not pretend not to care about drafting a plan on how I hope to grow during this New year. So without further a do … Continue reading A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Guess what day it is? Its November 2nd, My birthday ! Can we all raise our glasses of still water to appreciate my existence in this world. Let's drink to the fact that I fill your timelines with random and corny blog posts, I mean who else would do that?! The original birthday celebration plan … Continue reading Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Can We Talk About Bras !?

Can we talk about bras!? Yes? No? Never mind I'll still talk about bras whether or not you're up for it... Well, hello lovelies in today's post I'm going to go on about bras. Don't worry it's PG Rated I promise. I'm always excluded from talking about bras by my peers 'cause they say I … Continue reading Can We Talk About Bras !?

An Introduction to AliExpress.Com 

Just like any other young adult out there I also fall in the category of online shopaholic. I spend some days online trying to see what's on sale and do they offer free shipping? Most of y'all I'm sure are familiar with EBay (If not, I'll leave a link for you to check it out … Continue reading An Introduction to AliExpress.Com 

The Three Day Quote Challenge // Day 3

A few days ago, Emz of Side by Side nominated me to do the Three day Quote Challenge. Guess what!? I made it to the third day of The Three Day challenge *dramatic sigh*. Honestly,I almost didn't think I would do it today. I spent half the day up and about doing random stuff,then my … Continue reading The Three Day Quote Challenge // Day 3

#Fodreamy1On1 : Stop The Negative Thoughts

You know how some people can just suck the life out of you, while others give off a positive vibe? Sometimes I walk into a room and feel negativity in the air and it just doesn't feel right staying in that room. People who are endlessly negative make you feel tense and on the edge. … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1 : Stop The Negative Thoughts

Let’s Keep Fit Together

Most people assume I don't work out! Well, that might be true actually because I can't remember the last time I did any physical activity to keep fit. I'm a strong belieber believer in ensuring that my body is fit...huh! Take it from someone who loves junk food - the irony,I know *smh* Anyway, for … Continue reading Let’s Keep Fit Together

Why I’m Excited About December

December is here people. Who isn't excited about December, i mean it's the last month of the year and pretty much the festive holiday begins. There are many reasons why we love December, here are some of my reasons as to why I'm Excited about December : 1) School Closes Yeeeiy, I'll be out of … Continue reading Why I’m Excited About December