If I Were On A Coffee Date With My Late Grandmother

I’d order a caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte. I’d tell her that I’m working on quitting this caffeine addiction because coffee has made me a slave and I can't function without it. She'd make a comment or two on my outfit and ask if I'd rather we go somewhere else and have soda instead. … Continue reading If I Were On A Coffee Date With My Late Grandmother


And I Let You|Spoken Word Poetry 

Like a fool, I just let you I let you invade my thoughts, Convince me I was unworthy. I let you guilt trip me, When I did not give my coin change to the begger. I know I shouldn't but,  I let you!  I ignored my conscious,  When you told me I am a failure, … Continue reading And I Let You|Spoken Word Poetry 

Saved by the Bell |Spoken Word Poetry

She became reckless, Taking unnecessary risks. She became excessively tense and jumpy Then had trouble foucusing; concentrating even remembaring the little details. Unable to feel happiness; love couldn't connect with people, She had had enough of this. Taking quick steps to the open balcony of her bedroom she had made her decision Nobody cares after … Continue reading Saved by the Bell |Spoken Word Poetry

I Wish, And Wish Some More| Spoken Word Poetry

Standing in-front of a mirror, As I apply two coats of mascara on my top lashes; I can't help but stare at my lips; Plump - Just the way Kylie likes them. My mind takes me to that time someone said I'm lucky for I don't have big breast problems, "How does it feel to … Continue reading I Wish, And Wish Some More| Spoken Word Poetry

#Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

Like a god, he walked towards me and casually asked if I can help him with Vaseline for his lips. Normally I'd say no to people without blinking (I hate sharing my Vaseline) but this time the situation was different. He was different! I wanted him to stay and talk. I stalled him with random … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

At age twelve with fresh braided bantu knots She sighed and stared at the red door, This was it. Tilting her head and raising her hand out to reach for the door bell, In there, her Goliath awaited. This time she believed by avoiding eye contact she could do it. Walking past the now opened … Continue reading Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

#Fodreamy101: Trapped in Low Mood

Sitting amidst a group of your friends, chatting and laughing your heart out with no care of any negative struggles you might be having. The next thing you feel is your heart beating out loud. In a weird way! You silently stare at the people before you. A swift breeze brushes your skin giving you … Continue reading #Fodreamy101: Trapped in Low Mood

“Don’t Worry. Calm Down!”

She felt exhausted. Worthless. Guilty. She kept thinking about death and taking her own life. The sadness she was feeling made it difficult for her to function...She should keep track of the number of times she cries herself to sleep, the number of times she tossed in bed with a migraine, the number of times … Continue reading “Don’t Worry. Calm Down!”

The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

I believe nobody is perfect me included, so with that said I'm just going to name a few habits I hold on to even though I know how bad they are and some might likely fall under most people's pet peeves. So without further a do *Drum roll please* Spending too much time reading online … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

#Fodreamy1On1 : Why I Became A Loner

Of course I know I'm a strange lonely weirdo, tell me something I don't know. Most people who I know and interact with are either my relatives or close family friends. The fact that I have social anxiety and every time I'm forced to interact with a group /crowd of people I have my fingers … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1 : Why I Became A Loner