Blogtober|Day Fourteen – To My Future Self

Dear Future Self, I hope you have found the place you pictured yourself you would be. I'm assuming you are reading this on some sort of fancy high-tech strapped around your wrist, Cool! I'm sure you've got a lot going on right now, and that's great. Just don't take for granted the important people around … Continue reading Blogtober|Day Fourteen – To My Future Self


The Future|Spoken Word Poetry

But we have now; to dance under the sun sing in the rain and gaze at the stars while tracing random images. I can't tell how long it will last; Lets just enjoy the moments till the time to move on comes long do not worry about the future. Over To You ... Do you … Continue reading The Future|Spoken Word Poetry

Types Of Relatives at Family Events

Aah! Relatives, the extended family you miss being around but when you all get together, you get to experience mixed emotions. Thank God we don’t live together cause the drama would be worth a reality T.V. show. And I know we all have had our moments and can probably relate to the kind of relatives … Continue reading Types Of Relatives at Family Events

Happy Birthday Lil’ Bro

Dear Shady, Its official,my memory is useless! Maybe my memory capacity is like 1 GB - can't really store much stuff. I honestly don't remember the day you were born,I don't really remember you being around till you were like 1 year old.That doesnt make me a bad sister,right? Watching you grow up has been … Continue reading Happy Birthday Lil’ Bro


Woohoo! Its November 2nd 2015, you know what that means? Its mah birthday! Its mah birthday! Imma spend my money... Go shwaty! Its your birthday... Finally I turn a year older ! Let me be honest,I'm scared <_> I'm very scared to be precise,I don't know what to expect,you know! Any way today's post won't … Continue reading BIRTHDAY BEHAVIOUR

Open Letter To My Future “to be” Boyfriend.

Ooh Hi there Mr. Lover boy! I see you've got your eyes on me. I kinda like you too. Though I'm still trying to figure out what you see in this clumsy damn! Please explain this to me. Any who, here's the catch baby boy. I'm too old for relationship games.I don't want to … Continue reading Open Letter To My Future “to be” Boyfriend.


Three years ago, my best friend Lola started dating a mutual friend. I was so happy for them and excited to third wheel like a pro—going to the movies together, have epic sleepover. I have to admit, their relationship was annoyingly cute and i always dream t of having one like theirs. I don't want … Continue reading STORYTIME: LOLA AND JUSTIN

Annoying Things About Younger Siblings

If you have younger siblings you'll probably be able to relate to this. As much as we love our little munchkins they need to get over themselves. Don't get me wrong, I always think I'd be a miserable child if it weren't for my siblings ...To be honest they're like my heroes. When I need … Continue reading Annoying Things About Younger Siblings