#Fodreamy1On1: How Do You Want To Remembered?

Just three weeks ago, my uncle's wife passed away. She had been sick for quite some time but like every other death, the news came as a surprise to the family members. I had been praying for her recovery cause I didn't want her dead (I do know its not in my control but I … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1: How Do You Want To Remembered?


Online Dating: Yay or Nay

If you are anything like me - always sticking my nose everywhere - then you've probably stumbled across online dating sites. It has become common for most people in this centuary to join dating sites for various personal endeavours. Okay, for the few people reading this and thinking since when did she start rambling in … Continue reading Online Dating: Yay or Nay

Self Love|Spoken Word Poetry

but first love yourself like you would, your favorite idol. At the end of the day its the only thing that matters everything else means nothing except The feelings of acceptance, admiration and pride towards yourself Over To You ... What has been your recent act of self love? Thank you for reading. With Love, … Continue reading Self Love|Spoken Word Poetry

#Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

Like a god, he walked towards me and casually asked if I can help him with Vaseline for his lips. Normally I'd say no to people without blinking (I hate sharing my Vaseline) but this time the situation was different. He was different! I wanted him to stay and talk. I stalled him with random … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

#Fodreamy1On1 : 005- Learning To Love Your Body

Never in my life have I looked at my body in the mirror and thought, "Damn! Your body rocks! " I always seem to have a bone to pick with my body. I don't know when or how this all started but it is one skill I'm good at for sure. I'm not proud. Every … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1 : 005- Learning To Love Your Body

#Fodreamy101: Coping With “Christmas Craziness”

Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let us receive the king! The long awaited day has finally come. Merry Christmas Eve people, its interesting how we spent the last eleven months and twenty four days stressing and preparing for this one day! I don’t like the December hype but I’ve learnt to deal … Continue reading #Fodreamy101: Coping With “Christmas Craziness”

#FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

Hello world, Another month, another challenge. Welcome to #FodreamyCaptures series in today's episode I recap the adventures of this month through the lens of my point and shoot camera. We all know how much of a "photographer wannabe" I am so scroll through my amateur skills and I hope you enjoy 🙂 Over To You … Continue reading #FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

“Don’t Worry. Calm Down!”

She felt exhausted. Worthless. Guilty. She kept thinking about death and taking her own life. The sadness she was feeling made it difficult for her to function...She should keep track of the number of times she cries herself to sleep, the number of times she tossed in bed with a migraine, the number of times … Continue reading “Don’t Worry. Calm Down!”

The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 5- My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

For some unknown reasons I'm writing this post with a heavy heart; I feel that this past few days have been so draining though eye-opening. I've been able to share so much and I sometimes wonder if that's really acceptable then my conscience reminds me FODREAMY is my blog so why not !? With that … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 5- My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

#FodreamyCaptures: Hiking Escapades

I enjoy hiking! Last weekend, I had a chance to go hiking and it was awesome. The view was spectacular and everything about the place was serene. Here are some of the photos I took;- Beautiful rocks. I never studied geography but i'm so convinced these are crying rocks2. Up close short water fall3. Amazing … Continue reading #FodreamyCaptures: Hiking Escapades