#FodreamyInterviews: 005- Beverly Dee

In between having a full-time job, creating content for her YouTube channel, slaying in Zumba classes; this amazing lady based in Mumbai takes fangirling to another level. Meet Beverly, a soulful lady who unapologetically supports all the people that inspire her - especially Lilly Singh. She is the queen of #TeamSuper and actively uses her … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 005- Beverly Dee

#FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

Hello world, Another month, another challenge. Welcome to #FodreamyCaptures series in today's episode I recap the adventures of this month through the lens of my point and shoot camera. We all know how much of a "photographer wannabe" I am so scroll through my amateur skills and I hope you enjoy 🙂   Over To … Continue reading #FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

Beach Escapades

I loved the feel of how the sun peeked from the clouds, the smell of the sea -you could almost taste the saltiness just by taking a deep breath. Closing my eyes to listen to the waves was so calming and the best part... Wait for it... WE WERE THE ONLY ONES AT THE BEACH!

Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Guess what day it is? Its November 2nd, My birthday ! Can we all raise our glasses of still water to appreciate my existence in this world. Let's drink to the fact that I fill your timelines with random and corny blog posts, I mean who else would do that?! The original birthday celebration plan … Continue reading Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Fodreamy101: Fear Of The Unknown

For the past four years I've been staying with my aunt and cousins in the city.Yes, I do have both my parents alive and Yes, me and my family get along. I was brought up in the coastal side of the country, where all the fun stuff happen:-Beaches, Tourists, amazing food and epic accent!? Intesting … Continue reading Fodreamy101: Fear Of The Unknown

Gift Haul| October 2016

No, I did not run out of blogging ideas ! I'm just ... I'm just ... Umm! I honestly don't know what I'm trying to achieve but please can we just go with the flow. Pretend you're reading the best article on your favorite magazine, or not! In today's post I let you in on … Continue reading Gift Haul| October 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

I believe nobody is perfect me included, so with that said I'm just going to name a few habits I hold on to even though I know how bad they are and some might likely fall under most people's pet peeves. So without further a do *Drum roll please* Spending too much time reading online … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 3- Top Things On My Bucket List

Yes, I have a bucket list and this is it! It will continuosly be altered and updated. All I need to do is stop making excuses and save more, by doing so I believe I can do everything on it Ride a zip line ride Go on a blind date Do a flip on a … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 3- Top Things On My Bucket List

Get To Know Me Tag

Today I decided to do something different,again. I came across this tag on pinterest and I thought I'd try it out 'cause it seemed interesting. So lets dive right into the questions, I hope you enjoy:- 1.If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I have so many places in mind but i’ll go … Continue reading Get To Know Me Tag

Fun Things To Do On A Budget

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you want to do something fun but then decide against it 'cause it seems too costly? I fall in that category,every time I think of anything fun to do, It always seems to require loads of cash.Vacations, Cruising, you name it! I came up … Continue reading Fun Things To Do On A Budget