Blogtober|Day Two – Top 3 Places I want to Travel to

Unfortunately, I have not had the privilege to travel out of my country, yet. I have visited many places within my country and I've loved the experiences – the cultures, food and humans with different accents from what I'm used to fascinates me a lot. I love my country, but that doesn't mean I don't … Continue reading Blogtober|Day Two – Top 3 Places I want to Travel to


If I Were On A Coffee Date With My Late Grandmother

I’d order a caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte. I’d tell her that I’m working on quitting this caffeine addiction because coffee has made me a slave and I can't function without it. She'd make a comment or two on my outfit and ask if I'd rather we go somewhere else and have soda instead. … Continue reading If I Were On A Coffee Date With My Late Grandmother

4 Ways To Trigger Inspiration 

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and just feel unmotivated? Yeah, me too! For you to be unstoppable you need to be inspired. With my constant struggle to stay afloat I have gathered a few ways to spark inspiration and here are some ideas :- Get in touch with … Continue reading 4 Ways To Trigger Inspiration 

#FodreamyInterviews: 004 – Beverly Dee

In between having a full-time job, creating content for her YouTube channel, slaying in Zumba classes; this amazing lady based in Mumbai takes fangirling to another level. Meet Beverly, a soulful lady who unapologetically supports all the people that inspire her - especially Lilly Singh. She is the queen of #TeamSuper and actively uses her … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004 – Beverly Dee

#Fodreamy1On1 : 005- Learning To Love Your Body

Never in my life have I looked at my body in the mirror and thought, "Damn! Your body rocks! " I always seem to have a bone to pick with my body. I don't know when or how this all started but it is one skill I'm good at for sure. I'm not proud. Every … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1 : 005- Learning To Love Your Body

#FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

Hello world, Another month, another challenge. Welcome to #FodreamyCaptures series in today's episode I recap the adventures of this month through the lens of my point and shoot camera. We all know how much of a "photographer wannabe" I am so scroll through my amateur skills and I hope you enjoy 🙂 Over To You … Continue reading #FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

My Top 5 Life-Saving Apps

Aaah! Don’t we all love technology! I still have moments when I wonder how my life was before certain apps. I enjoy having apps that make my life easier, I know it has its pros and cons but today let’s just stick to the pros of why some apps are a must have! I am … Continue reading My Top 5 Life-Saving Apps

Breakfast Ideas For People Who Easily Skip Breakfast

I'm sure you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. so I wont rub it in your face 'cause I understand how annoying it can be when people constantly remind you this. Most people take this lightly but having trouble taking breakfast is a thing. It has nothing to do … Continue reading Breakfast Ideas For People Who Easily Skip Breakfast

Book Review: The First Miracle by Jeffrey Archer

Let me start by saying that this is the first Jeffrey Archer's book I've ever read and I did find this book curiously fascinating. He was able to tell a great story, one that people from all walks of life can appreciate from. Its hard to explain without spoiling some of the plots. Warning people! … Continue reading Book Review: The First Miracle by Jeffrey Archer

Beach Escapades

Who wakes up at 6 a.m. to go watch the sunrise? My friend *Sparrow and he thought it was a great idea to drag me along. First, I'll have to put across the fact that I'm not a morning person- and having to do errands at 6a.m. thats torture to me. Second,I've probably mentioned this … Continue reading Beach Escapades