Blogtober|Day Four – Birthday Wishlist

Since my birthday falls right on the second day of November, I am so laid back about it. All I ever want to do is have a “Me Day”, relax and enjoy all kinds of junk snacks; especially cookies and Ice cream. This year, I still want the same privilege but I've rounded up some … Continue reading Blogtober|Day Four – Birthday Wishlist


My Current Hair Regimen 

Usually after undoing my hair from a protective style, I let it breathe for about a month. During this period I formulate a regimen that I put into action to care for my hair. Currently this is my regimen:- Wash hair with shampoo twice a month  I constantly have my hair in braids so I … Continue reading My Current Hair Regimen 

Top 5 Natural Hair Tips

I can't think of anything I've never done to my hair. I have permed it, I did dye it maroon one time, I decided to have dreadlocks in 2016. In short, I have done every tortorous thing you can think of to my hair. A little background on my hair I have 4C hair type … Continue reading Top 5 Natural Hair Tips

Hair Products Wishlist|September 2017

When have I ever not complained about money being a little tight? I just pray and hope that doesn't remain the norm forever as I happen to have a list of hair products that I've been eyeing for quite sometime but sadly cannot afford. I thought it would be cool to share some of the … Continue reading Hair Products Wishlist|September 2017

Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair

Maintaining my natural 4C hair has proved to be - excuse my french - a pain in the arse these past few years. Its a struggle but also the best lifestyle for me. This year, I decided to learn the art of patience and try to genuinely embrace my hair just a way to make … Continue reading Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair

Hair and Skin Products You Need To Try

Recently, I decided to go all out and purchase some "almost natural" products for my natural hair and skin. I've probably said this before; I like experimenting! And when it comes to hair I've almost done it all; Perm, Dreadlocks, Maroon dye.Though I decided to stick to natural hair for at least a year, it … Continue reading Hair and Skin Products You Need To Try