Why I Volunteer – I am what I am because of who we all are 

A few days ago I was filling in my first ever volunteering application form. One question; Kindly give reasons why you are interested in taking part in the volunteering program intrigued me. Just like any application form I felt that this was just a rhetoric question and for some unknown reason, I had the urge … Continue reading Why I Volunteer – I am what I am because of who we all are 

Breakfast Ideas For People Who Easily Skip Breakfast

I'm sure you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. so I wont rub it in your face 'cause I understand how annoying it can be when people constantly remind you this. Most people take this lightly but having trouble taking breakfast is a thing. It has nothing to do … Continue reading Breakfast Ideas For People Who Easily Skip Breakfast

Messy Underside Braid To Bun

Hello Lovelies, I've been rocking the same hairstyle for the past week since I made my braids so I decided to share it with you guys ( Just trying to help a girl out you know). Its super easy to style and it doesn't take much of your time plus it works for both braids … Continue reading Messy Underside Braid To Bun

The Best Smoothie Ever !

It was one of those random days; I woke up late and I had a 9 a.m. meeting with some consulting agency in town. To spare myself from running late I didn't take breakfast, luckily the traffic wasn't that bad so I was there on time and thank God in less than an hour I … Continue reading The Best Smoothie Ever !

The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

I believe nobody is perfect me included, so with that said I'm just going to name a few habits I hold on to even though I know how bad they are and some might likely fall under most people's pet peeves. So without further a do *Drum roll please* Spending too much time reading online … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Day 4- Bad Habits I Need To Let Go

Skincare Routine For Face Breakouts

I happen to have the most strange skin you'll ever come across. The uncertainty of my skin can at times bring me to tears-literally. I can wake up with smooth skin today and two days later I look like a horned melon, I'm not complaining I guess I'm used to it that's why I don't … Continue reading Skincare Routine For Face Breakouts

Things To Do While Job Hunting

I have literally dedicated my entire life to job hunting and it has been incredibly disheartening and horrific . No one ever prepares you enough for this experience. It's always exciting to move a step forward in your life pursuits but we tend to be consumed with fear and worry of the unknown. Unless you … Continue reading Things To Do While Job Hunting