#FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

At age 18, Tshegofatso is doing it all- blogging, creating content on YouTube, drawing, you name it! She is carving out a name for herself simply by sharing her love for fashion, beauty, creativity and life. I was able to chat with this lovely South African lady via email; Get the 411 on Tshegofatso on … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures


Make-up Free Photo shoot!

I politely disagree with anyone who says to me, " Jade, you are photogenic." I’m just a secretly hyped human who somehow knows how to pose to abrupt photos and sometimes selectively chooses what photos to show the world. I am beautiful but there are times I feel less beautiful.I feel worthless and I feel … Continue reading Make-up Free Photo shoot!