Celebrating African Music

What crosses your mind when you hear people mention "African music?" There are so many dumb misconceptions when it comes to Africa and the people who live in the continent. But let's get one thing straight, like any other continent- Music in Africa is so damn cool and catchy. It can be intriguing for an … Continue reading Celebrating African Music

My Soul Soothing Playlist

I rarely listen to music as much as I should but I won't deny the fact that music takes me to cloud nine and gives me good vibes every time I listen to it. If you haven't noticed this yet then I'm just going to put it out there - I like categorizing stuff ! … Continue reading My Soul Soothing Playlist

Nick Hissom.

Nick Hissom is not your average 23 year old. Maybe because he was born on America's Independence day ( well except he was born in London though). He is not only a model and great to look at but also a recording artist with a soothing voice. After releasing his new single ONE. I really think … Continue reading Nick Hissom.

Types Of People At Concerts

Let me start by confessing; I've never been at a concert—Never in my life!! Go on, judge me its not like I care anyway. My way of attending concerts or rather the knowledge I have about concert is mostly from:- Watching concerts online. Reading about them on blogs and social media. So, that has helped … Continue reading Types Of People At Concerts

I’m Such An Old Soul

I clearly remember back in the 90's when I used to sit with a cassette player and listen to my dad's cassette collection. Hmm! The good old times! I have to admit growing up my dad had a great influence to the music I listened to. His music taste ranged from Ricky Astley ,ABBA, Phil … Continue reading I’m Such An Old Soul