Online Dating: Yay or Nay

If you are anything like me - always sticking my nose everywhere - then you've probably stumbled across online dating sites. It has become common for most people in this centuary to join dating sites for various personal endeavours. Okay, for the few people reading this and thinking since when did she start rambling in … Continue reading Online Dating: Yay or Nay


An Introduction to AliExpress.Com 

Just like any other young adult out there I also fall in the category of online shopaholic. I spend some days online trying to see what's on sale and do they offer free shipping? Most of y'all I'm sure are familiar with EBay (If not, I'll leave a link for you to check it out … Continue reading An Introduction to AliExpress.Com 

January 2016 Online Shopping Wishlist

I wish upon the stars every night hoping that one day I'll go shopping and buy everything I want without checking the price tag or use my phone calculator to ensure I don't exceed my budget. January 2016 is here but surprisingly my taste is still so last year - if you know what I … Continue reading January 2016 Online Shopping Wishlist