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I know how hard it is especially when you are going through a rough patch in life but believe it or not self care is essential for personal growth and our sanity. We should take the initiative to give ourselves some love by practicing self care tips. Now, before you think I am this “perfect,… Continue reading SIMPLE SELF CARE IDEAS

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I remember on my first day of counselling, I talked and blew my nose A LOT. She was a christian counselor so after endlessly talking about how I think I am messed up, she first prayed for me and told me I need to forgive. With tears balancing on my eyes, I stared at her… Continue reading FODREAMY1on1: LEARNING TO FORGIVE

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Last month I was scrolling through my blog and I could see that my posts are a representation of what phase in life I am in. It was mind-blowing to discover that, you know! It just reminded me of how I have always been intertwined with my emotions. Growing up, writing was my way of venting my… Continue reading BABY STEPS

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Things To Be Grateful For

With the hustle and worries of everyday life activities, it's easy to take for granted all the little aspects of life that deserve appreciation and really matter. Once in a while we need to take a step back, deep breath and acknowledge we are blessed even in the midst of stormy life experiences. Here are… Continue reading Things To Be Grateful For

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Life Breaks My Heart

Good afternoon friend, it has been a while and my apologies for disappearing. It has been a month of getting all my school work done and studying for exams which I finished yesterday. I feel like shit. I thought after finishing my exams I’d feel better, well – that hasn’t happened yet! Don’t get me… Continue reading Life Breaks My Heart

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How I Deal With My TWA

Remember when I said taking care of short hair is easier? Well, I no longer feel the same. But if I’m being honest I think it has to do with the change in length of my hair. I can no longer pull an “I woke up like this” with my hair and just leave the… Continue reading How I Deal With My TWA

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Unrequited Love

Hot cup of coffee to warm my hands, as I watched him from my bedroom window I loved the sound of rain, the smell of dust withering away He looked happy, I could tell dimples never leaving his cheeks I painfully gulped down the coffee it tasted bitter, matching my emotions; that could be me!… Continue reading Unrequited Love

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That Woman

Sitting on the swings watching unexpected instances Like raindrops on car windows and I will never not frown For the woman I have become A woman who always fades into the background in social gatherings Who is socially awkward that she couldn’t even carry a proper conversation in parties A woman who prefers to stay… Continue reading That Woman

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Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

You are my worst nightmare. always by my side with a smile that gives me chills I don't want you in my head go away, fear! You say you're my only friend yet you mistreat me, emotionally drain me I wanted to do that; join the writing competition but you said I wasn't good enough… Continue reading Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

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Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition

A lot has taken place since my last chit-chat. I started a small jewelery business (FodreamyCloset), classes for this semester commenced and the fun part is I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday every week. I go swimming at least 3 times a week. Life is just happening you know and I'm grateful for… Continue reading Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition