Online Dating: Yay or Nay

If you are anything like me - always sticking my nose everywhere - then you've probably stumbled across online dating sites. It has become common for most people in this centuary to join dating sites for various personal endeavours. Okay, for the few people reading this and thinking since when did she start rambling in … Continue reading Online Dating: Yay or Nay


Being Honest About Dating Dealbreakers

I'm no guru when it comes to relationships and dating but I do know its okay to have a certain preference and to make choices that suit you in other words choices you can live with and take responsibility of in future( Something I'm still learning to get hold of). If you knew me well, … Continue reading Being Honest About Dating Dealbreakers

The Science Of A Broken Heart

No one can ever be prepared to handle an end of a two-year relationship no matter how strong you try to act,the sadness that consumes you every second of everyday is so intense. Remember its okay to fall apart but not for too long.Make a choice: Either run from the pain or deal with it, … Continue reading The Science Of A Broken Heart

#Fodreamy1On1 : How To Give Things Another Go

Do you believe in second chances? I believe people deserve a second chance if they prove worthy and take responsibility of their mistakes. We are human, we all make mistakes and most times we don't realize how much our mistakes will affect us and the people around us. Given a second chance we get to … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1 : How To Give Things Another Go

Types Of Relatives at Family Events

Aah! Relatives, the extended family you miss being around but when you all get together, you get to experience mixed emotions. Thank God we don’t live together cause the drama would be worth a reality T.V. show. And I know we all have had our moments and can probably relate to the kind of relatives … Continue reading Types Of Relatives at Family Events

Why I Get Jealous On Valentines Day

February 14th 2016! Cheers people!!! To another Valentines day of being single... I've been through this so many times so its not really a big deal. This year I won't bother reading posts or watch videos on how to cope up "being single on valentines day." These post are encouraging but let me be real … Continue reading Why I Get Jealous On Valentines Day

My Relationship Expectations ❤

I spent half the day watching Boyfriend tags video's on YouTube and stalking cute couples on Tumblr and Instagram. Basically, that's the story of my life! As far as I know I've only been in one relationship ever in my life,we dated for a few months then their was less communication, long distance ishht. Aaaah! … Continue reading My Relationship Expectations ❤