Self Love|Spoken Word Poetry

but first love yourself like you would, your favorite idol. At the end of the day its the only thing that matters everything else means nothing except The feelings of acceptance, admiration and pride towards yourself Over To You ... What has been your recent act of self love? Thank you for reading. xoxo,   … Continue reading Self Love|Spoken Word Poetry

Fun Things To Do On A Budget

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you want to do something fun but then decide against it 'cause it seems too costly? I fall in that category,every time I think of anything fun to do, It always seems to require loads of cash.Vacations, Cruising, you name it! I came up … Continue reading Fun Things To Do On A Budget

Why I Get Jealous On Valentines Day

February 14th 2016! Cheers people!!! To another Valentines day of being single... I've been through this so many times so its not really a big deal. This year I won't bother reading posts or watch videos on how to cope up "being single on valentines day." These post are encouraging but let me be real … Continue reading Why I Get Jealous On Valentines Day

Loving Oneself

I was never good at what everyone else did, I was scared of trying out on anything because I feared failing. I always wanted to be cool and fit in like everyone else around me. Peoples opinions shaped me. I would literally get depressed by one slight negative comment about me. I compared myself with … Continue reading Loving Oneself