Judge Me

My name is Patience, I was named after my grandma – PS: Its annoying when people ask whether or not I’m patient.

For unknown reasons, I happen to be the shortest and ‘smallest’ in my family holding up at 5’2″ tall with 99.2 lbs

I worry about everyone and everything -doesn’t matter if I personally know you or not and whether it concerns me or not.

I have an anxiety disorder IT’S NOT A SELF DIAGNOSIS I SWEAR – seriously why would someone ever want to have an anxiety disorder.

I talk about poop more than a normal person should <_>

I take ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my earphones pretty seriously.

I suck at reading maps and giving directions – I can’t tell which side is left or right without having a conversation in my head “right is the hand I use while eating.”

I’m a celebrity enthusiast and entertainment news junkie -something I’m never proud of but hey, what is life!

I also have an embarrassing obsession with One Direction especially Harry Styles and I also can’t believe I just shared this on the internet.

I love beans, I can eat beans with anything – Rice, spaghetti,bread… you name it!

I know it’s almost impossible for most people… but I can carry my leg over my head and put it across my neck.

I can neither sing nor dance to save my life.

I’m a hopeless romantic – I still think some hot billionaire will bump into me in a coffee shop then voila our love story begins ( The sad part is I’m not even joking).

I have a short concentration span

I LOVE anything with CARAMEL in/on it- Popcorn, Ice cream, Coffee etc

I’ve always had a phobia for big water bodies; Oceans, Lakes (Swimming pool not included) – I live 30 minutes away from the beach but I rarely go down there