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A Must Have Organisation Apps

I am obsessed with notebooks! No, scratch that I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to notebooks. I'm definitely a walking cliche of a millennial, I always want to plan and stay ahead of everything in my life so then you should have guessed by now that owning notebooks still doesn't give me… Continue reading A Must Have Organisation Apps

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Music Albums I Frequently Binge- Listen To

I'd like to confess the fact that I am a walking cliche of a millenial. I LOVE music, alot! Apart from the latest stuff, what other music do you like to listen to? I don't like when people ask me questions like this. I have such an eclectic taste in music. I listen to all… Continue reading Music Albums I Frequently Binge- Listen To

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… And That Girl| Poetry

I stared at the girl standing before me dressed in black jeans and a brown vest top Her oversized coat wrapped around her slim body Her short hair stood unkempt She rolled her eyes trying to fluff it out, but failed miserably She looked nervous. The small frown on her sparce eyebrows was proof enough...… Continue reading … And That Girl| Poetry

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10 Healthy Habits For 2018

How is 2018 different from all the past new Years' you ask? Well, first of, let's acknowledge the fact that I actually KNOW/REALISE its 2018 -- normally the fact that we started a new year usually sets in on the first week of February. Secondly, I have not had problems (yet) in writing the date.… Continue reading 10 Healthy Habits For 2018

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New Year … Renewed Hope

It's 2018! Can we have a minute of silence just to acknowledge 2017 is dead and gone..... Done! Starting a new year is exciting, it always feels like a chance for a fresh start to many; me included. I know how cliché "New Year, New Me" sounds but I think it's an important phrase to… Continue reading New Year … Renewed Hope

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What I Learnt About Myself During The Last Month Of 2017

It's interesting how the period between the first week of December and New Year's Eve has taught me a lot about myself. For those who are frequent guests on my blog, y'all understand how much I dislike the festive season​ cause I just feel it comes with too much work and pressure. My anxiety wants… Continue reading What I Learnt About Myself During The Last Month Of 2017

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Chitchat + Back From The Break 

If you've been a frequent guest on my blog then you should know how much I passionately despise the festive season. To most normal humans, the festive season is a time of great joy and family love but personally I just feel it's too much work and pressure. I'd rather we skip this month and… Continue reading Chitchat + Back From The Break 

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Fodreamy1on1: My Stretch Marks (Almost ) Drove Me To Self Hate 

I have been skinny most of my life and a "comfort over fashion" kind of girl since I was young. I joined a boarding high school and a few month's into it I started gaining weight. I loved every moment of it cause I looked healthier and curvy. The all girls high school I went… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1: My Stretch Marks (Almost ) Drove Me To Self Hate 

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Review| Why You Need To Watch Lucifer (TV Series)

Before you brush this post probably because you don’t know what I’m talking about, please hear me out! Lucifer is a TV show on Fox that I came to know about from a local entertainment store owner. He recommends me the latest shows and movies – keeps me updated when I’m home. I have binge… Continue reading Review| Why You Need To Watch Lucifer (TV Series)

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DIY| Avocado Hair Treatment

Avocado is great for quick softening, moisturizing and deep conditioning. They are rich in fatty acids which are very nourishing for dry, brittle hair. I have tried this treatment several times and I acknowledge the amazing results it gives to my hair. What You'll Need 1 avocado (peeled) 1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon olive oil… Continue reading DIY| Avocado Hair Treatment