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An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

I have had my own set of struggles with anxiety. Phases where I just want to lay in bed and shut the world out. I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is cry because all I hoped and prayed for was to die. People suspecting you’re not okay and wanting… Continue reading An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

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… Illusion| Spoken Word Poetry

“I have to ace this” I thought! Words formed in my mind, My pen swiftly glided on the answer sheet I couldn’t stop myself I kept going Suddenly, the timer went off With a smile, I stared down my master piece I couldn’t believe this My heart leapt into my throat What have I done!… Continue reading … Illusion| Spoken Word Poetry

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… And That Girl| Poetry

I stared at the girl standing before me dressed in black jeans and a brown vest top Her oversized coat wrapped around her slim body Her short hair stood unkempt She rolled her eyes trying to fluff it out, but failed miserably She looked nervous. The small frown on her sparce eyebrows was proof enough...… Continue reading … And That Girl| Poetry

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And I Let You|Poetry 

Like a fool, I just let you I let you invade my thoughts, Convince me I was unworthy. I let you guilt trip me, When I did not give my coin change to the begger. I know I shouldn't but, I let you! I ignored my conscious, When you told me I am a failure,… Continue reading And I Let You|Poetry 

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Saved by the Bell |Poetry

She became reckless, Taking unnecessary risks. She became excessively tense and jumpy Then had trouble foucusing; concentrating even remembaring the little details. Unable to feel happiness; love couldn't connect with people, She had had enough of this. Taking quick steps to the open balcony of her bedroom she had made her decision Nobody cares after… Continue reading Saved by the Bell |Poetry

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Don’t Worry. Calm Down!

She felt exhausted. Worthless. Guilty. She kept thinking about death and taking her own life. The sadness she was feeling made it difficult for her to function...She should keep track of the number of times she cries herself to sleep, the number of times she tossed in bed with a migraine, the number of times… Continue reading Don’t Worry. Calm Down!

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Fodreamy1on1: Why I Became A Loner

Of course I know I am a strange lonely weirdo, tell me something I don't know. Most people who I know and interact with are either my relatives or close family friends. The fact that I have social anxiety and every time I'm forced to interact with a group /crowd of people I have my… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1: Why I Became A Loner

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Let The War Begin

I rarely give myself credit for being awesome but deep down I know I'm awesome, strong and a fighter. I like holding onto my "normal days" because sometimes they really don't last that long. My childhood was normal - being goofy, playing at the neighbor's house till late, getting home and receiving a beating for… Continue reading Let The War Begin