#FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

At age 18, Tshegofatso is doing it all- blogging, creating content on YouTube, drawing, you name it! She is carving out a name for herself simply by sharing her love for fashion, beauty, creativity and life. I was able to chat with this lovely South African lady via email; Get the 411 on Tshegofatso on … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

What’s in my ‘Makeup Bag’

I don't own that much makeup, just the basics. I still like having my face bare and natural.  While I'm still trying to figure out my way into the makeup world (which is expensive I must say). Here are some of the things (products) I have stocked so far  Lips  Signature Red and Black Lipstick  … Continue reading What’s in my ‘Makeup Bag’

Primark Beauty : Eyeshadow Palette Review 

I always skip wearing eyeshadow because under my glasses it won't show unless I pile it on.  My cousin bought this at £2 and gave it to me cause she's that generous.  It comes as a little box with a mirror in the lid with 10 stunning eyeshadows and a brush. Inside, each shadow has … Continue reading Primark Beauty : Eyeshadow Palette Review 

#FodreamySpotlight: 001-Valentina Batrac 

Welcome to #FodreamySpotlight series. This month the spotlight shines on Valentina Not only is she young and vibrant, she's also talented and stylish. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger proud owner of p.s. minimalist blog and I have to admit I have been stalking her  for over a year now and Mehn! I'm obsessed. Growing up … Continue reading #FodreamySpotlight: 001-Valentina Batrac 

Chapter 02 Body Butter & Body Scrub Review

I hadn't ever heard of Chapter 02 till my cousins' gifted me with a package of toiletries a few months ago. Not too long I (finally) got to try:  Chapter 02 Body Butter (Nourishing) with Açai & Hibiscus. It smells really fresh, that was my first thought when I opened the lid. It feels a … Continue reading Chapter 02 Body Butter & Body Scrub Review

Can We Talk About Bras !?

Can we talk about bras!? Yes? No? Never mind I'll still talk about bras whether or not you're up for it... Well, hello lovelies in today's post I'm going to go on about bras. Don't worry it's PG Rated I promise. I'm always excluded from talking about bras by my peers 'cause they say I … Continue reading Can We Talk About Bras !?

Lime Crime Velvetines Review – Faded & Bleached

A few days ago one of my cousins friend did my makeup for a wedding we were attending, she did an amazing job I must say but what really got me was the lip products she used. Velvetines ! I had never heard of it before to be honest but because I really liked it, I … Continue reading Lime Crime Velvetines Review – Faded & Bleached

Mysore Sandal Soap Review

I have had this soap for quite sometime though I started religiously using it this past month. An Indian family friend gifted us when we visited him. I can still taste the Indian chicken curry he prepared for us and don't get me started with the tears I shed 'cause of how hot the chili … Continue reading Mysore Sandal Soap Review

Hair and Skin Products You Need To Try

Recently,I decided to go all out and purchase some "almost natural" products for my natural hair and skin. I've probably said this before; I like experimenting! And when it comes to hair I've almost done it all; Perm, Dreadlocks,Maroon dye.Though I decided to stick to natural hair for at least a year, it has proven … Continue reading Hair and Skin Products You Need To Try

Turmeric Face Mask Fail

If I ever work at Buzz feed,my greatest achievement will be joining the Buzz feed Try Guys team.I literally live for that-Its like my life purpose on earth...just experimenting on stuff even when some things leave you with a dyed orange face! I came across the homemade turmeric face mask online after an Indian guy … Continue reading Turmeric Face Mask Fail