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A Must Have Organisation Apps

I am obsessed with notebooks! No, scratch that I'm a hoarder when it comes to notebooks. I'm definitely a walking cliche of a millennial, I always want to plan and stay ahead of everything in my life so then you should have guessed by now that owning notebooks still doesn't give me that satisfaction so… Continue reading A Must Have Organisation Apps

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New Year … Renewed Hope

It's 2018! Can we have a minute of silence just to acknowledge 2017 is dead and gone..... Done! Starting a new year is exciting, it always feels like a chance for a fresh start to many; me included. I know how cliché "New Year, New Me" sounds but I think it's an important phrase to… Continue reading New Year … Renewed Hope

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Blogtober|Day Thirteen – Fun Things To Do On A Budget

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you want to do something fun but then decide against it 'cause it seems too costly? I happen to fall in that category! Everytime I think of anything fun to do it always seems to require loads of cash. Vacations, cruising, binge snacking, you… Continue reading Blogtober|Day Thirteen – Fun Things To Do On A Budget

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Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose Yet?

Growing up, my understanding for “making it in life” was following the good old beaten path. Go to school, get good grades, get a scholarship and get a good permanent pensionable job. Now, in my early 20’s I constantly ask myself if that is all … is living your life to the fullest just about… Continue reading Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose Yet?

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I Wish, And Wish Some More|Poetry

Standing in-front of a mirror, as I apply two coats of mascara on my top lashes; I can't help but stare at my lips; Plump - just the way Kylie likes them. My mind takes me to that time someone said I am lucky for I don't have big breast problems, "How does it feel… Continue reading I Wish, And Wish Some More|Poetry

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Self Love|Poetry

but first love yourself like you would, your favorite idol. At the end of the day its the only thing that matters everything else means nothing except The feelings of acceptance, admiration and pride towards yourself Over To You ... What has been your recent act of self love? Thank you for reading. With Love,… Continue reading Self Love|Poetry

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How To|Survive A Long Bus Journey

Sitting in a bus for 10 straight hours can be hella boring but not everyone can afford plane tickets to and from everywhere they travel to, so most times you just have to opt for the cheaper way which 99% of the time is nerve raking. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I tend to do this… Continue reading How To|Survive A Long Bus Journey

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The Future|Poetry

But we have now; to dance under the sun sing in the rain and gaze at the stars while tracing random images. I can't tell how long it will last; Let's just enjoy the moments till the time to move on comes long do not worry about the future. Over To You ... Do you… Continue reading The Future|Poetry

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Two Years Of Blogging

Two years down the line and I still can't pinpoint what my blogging niche is. Hmm! Typical Jade always wants to be all over the place, settling for one thing isn't enough for me, YET! I can finally cross out "Start a blog" off my bucket list 'cause its official my blog is here to stay… Continue reading Two Years Of Blogging

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FodreamySpotlight: 002 – Valentina Batrac 

Welcome to #FodreamySpotlight series. This month the spotlight shines on Valentina Not only is she young and vibrant, she's also talented and stylish. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger proud owner of p.s. minimalist blog and I have to admit I have been stalking her for over a year now and Mehn! I'm obsessed.… Continue reading FodreamySpotlight: 002 – Valentina Batrac