#FodreamyInterviews: 004 – Beverly Dee

In between having a full-time job, creating content for her YouTube channel, slaying in Zumba classes; this amazing lady based in Mumbai takes fangirling to another level. Meet Beverly, a soulful lady who unapologetically supports all the people that inspire her - especially Lilly Singh. She is the queen of #TeamSuper and actively uses her … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004 – Beverly Dee


The Perks Of Being A Celebrity

Hey everyone, I know I'm not the only one who sometimes wishes and hopes they had the a verified twitter account or any verified social media account.Apparently, It's a huge deal nowadays! Apart from their talents and hard work, here are some of the packages that come along once you become a celebrity:- Special Treatment … Continue reading The Perks Of Being A Celebrity

Types Of Crushes.

What is a crush? Who is a crush? I've never heard anyone ask that. All I hear is my new crush this! My crush that! Crushes are great and among the wonderful feelings of being alive. Crushes can weirdly be so random. I mean check up this list I came up with:- Celebrity Crush 99% … Continue reading Types Of Crushes.

Be On The Lookout

When I was younger, most people dreams ranged from being a doctor, pilot or nurse to carpenter,teacher and so on. Times have changed, Every "normal" being dream is to be the next big thing. We are in a century where most human beings want to be Celebrities. Yes, I said it ce-le-bri-ty . According to my urban … Continue reading Be On The Lookout