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When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

First, I need to address the fact that I do love makeup. I love the artistic expression behind the idea of makeup and how you can enhance beauty, play around with it to express yourself. The thing is I am just not good at it and I’m still waiting for the time I’m going to… Continue reading When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

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Blogtober|Day Twelve – The Story Behind The Name Of My Blog

From people's faces, I can always tell they are having internal debates on whether or not to ask me why I named my blog FODREAMY. If I'm being honest I'm glad that no one has been upfront with the question because there's really no fancy story to tell. Yesterday as I was scrolling through twitter, I… Continue reading Blogtober|Day Twelve – The Story Behind The Name Of My Blog

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The girl with messy hair|Poetry

do not fret my child even when your hair shrinks Under the blue sky on a distant beach Gracefully pull out the loose braid it can no longer make it out alone And when people ask when you did your hair, do not sigh. Smile Cause yesterday is in the past And if you can't… Continue reading The girl with messy hair|Poetry

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Not Feeling Social Enough|Poetry

At age twelve with fresh braided bantu knots She sighed and stared at the red door, This was it. Tilting her head and raising her hand out to reach for the door bell, In there, her Goliath awaited. This time she believed by avoiding eye contact she could do it. Walking past the now opened… Continue reading Not Feeling Social Enough|Poetry

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A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

Hello stranger, Happy New Year! I hope this finds you well, Welcome back to FODREAMY . I will not get into the "New Year, New Me" cliche shenanigans but I will not pretend not to care about drafting a plan on how I hope to grow during this New year. So without further a do… Continue reading A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

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FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

Hello world, Another month, another challenge. Welcome to #FodreamyCaptures series in today's episode I recap the adventures of this month through the lens of my point and shoot camera. We all know how much of a "photographer wannabe" I am so scroll through my amateur skills and I hope you enjoy 🙂 Over To You… Continue reading FodreamyCaptures: My View Through The Lens

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Gift Haul| October 2016

No, I did not run out of blogging ideas ! I'm just ... I'm just ... Umm! I honestly don't know what I'm trying to achieve but please can we just go with the flow. Pretend you're reading the best article on your favorite magazine, or not! In today's post I let you in on… Continue reading Gift Haul| October 2016

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Highlights Of The Week

Just like every other week for the past few months, my week was a roller coaster filled with unstable emotions, insomnia, doubt, fear, joy and weirdness. I'm grateful for all that happened 'cause for sure it made the week interesting - ish. Today, I recap the highlights of this week and this is just because… Continue reading Highlights Of The Week

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July 2016 Goals

Wow!!! I've never been so excited about a month beginning like I am right now. June was blur for me. I honestly can't account for anything productive I did in June - well apart from receiving rejection letters and not crying about it, yet! I'm super excited about July, and I have many things planned… Continue reading July 2016 Goals

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Bad Hair Day

Beanies are my best and favourite attire and it has nothing to do with the cold weather or wanting to look fancy! Bad hair day is everyday for me, literally. My hair is neat maybe a week every month and that's after I visit a salon you know. I remember when I was young I… Continue reading Bad Hair Day