Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair

Maintaining my natural 4C hair has proved to be - excuse my french - a pain in the arse these past few years.  Its a struggle but also the best lifestyle for me. This year, I decided to learn the art of patience and try to genuinely embrace my hair just a way to make … Continue reading Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair

Bad Hair Day

Beanies are my best and favorite attire and it has nothing to do with cold weather or wanting to look fancy! Bad hair day is everyday for me,literally. My hair is neat maybe a week every month and that's after i visit a salon you know. I remember when I was young I used to … Continue reading Bad Hair Day

December 2015 Favourites

It took me a few minutes to decides what exactly to include in my December favourites, my Christmas presents! Should they be part of my December favourites? Should I include any of them? That will make me have an unusual long list,right? Because trust me, this December I was blessed [well, apart from the fact … Continue reading December 2015 Favourites

Homemade Natural Hair Treatment

Today I decided to have a little fun with my hair! Last year I cut my hair,piece of advice ;never go to the salon with no idea on what you want to do with your hair. I used to have permed hair for the longest time. So I decided when it grows back,I'll just  grow … Continue reading Homemade Natural Hair Treatment


I politely disagree with anyone who says to me, " Patience, you are photogenic." I’m just a secretly hyped human who somehow knows how to pose to abrupt photos and sometimes selectively chooses what photos to show the world. I am beautiful but there are times I feel less beautiful.I feel worthless and I feel … Continue reading A MAKE-UP FREE PHOTO-SHOOT !