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When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

First, I need to address the fact that I do love makeup. I love the artistic expression behind the idea of makeup and how you can enhance beauty, play around with it to express yourself. The thing is I am just not good at it and I’m still waiting for the time I’m going to… Continue reading When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

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10 Healthy Habits For 2018

How is 2018 different from all the past new Years' you ask? Well, first of, let's acknowledge the fact that I actually KNOW/REALISE its 2018 -- normally the fact that we started a new year usually sets in on the first week of February. Secondly, I have not had problems (yet) in writing the date.… Continue reading 10 Healthy Habits For 2018

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Saved by the Bell |Poetry

She became reckless, taking unnecessary risks. she became excessively tense and jumpy then had trouble focusing; concentrating even remembaring the little details. unable to feel happiness; love couldn't connect with people, She had had enough of this. taking quick steps to the open balcony of her bedroom she had made her decision, Nobody cares after… Continue reading Saved by the Bell |Poetry