Blogtober|Day Twelve – The Story Behind The Name Of My Blog

From people's faces, I can always tell they are having internal debates on whether or not to ask me why I named my blog FODREAMY. If I'm being honest I'm glad that no one has been upfront with the question because there's really no fancy story to tell. Yesterday as I was scrolling through twitter, I … Continue reading Blogtober|Day Twelve – The Story Behind The Name Of My Blog


Blogtober|Day Ten – How I Spend My “Me Time”

These past few days have been crazy. Trying to balance school work, catering for my nephew's graduation party, interviews, more writing, job application's and sticking to my 15 days blogtober challenge has not been easy. As humans we always have lists of things to keep up with in life making it hard to catch a … Continue reading Blogtober|Day Ten – How I Spend My “Me Time”

What I Learnt From American Housewife

How many of you have ever watched a TV show called American Housewife? *stands on a table to raise my hand super high* If you haven't watched this show yet then what are you doing with your life? Basically, American Housewife is a family comedy told by Katie Otto a wife and mother who tries … Continue reading What I Learnt From American Housewife

The Higher You Go|Spoken Word Poetry 

I look at you And you look back at me. I can see through you, and you know it. I can tell that smile plastered on your face is cold and emotionless. Take a deep breath! I understand you. I can tell you are hurting, your eyes say it all don't listen to them, your … Continue reading The Higher You Go|Spoken Word Poetry 

#FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

At age 18, Tshegofatso is doing it all- blogging, creating content on YouTube, drawing, you name it! She is carving out a name for herself simply by sharing her love for fashion, beauty, creativity and life. I was able to chat with this lovely South African lady via email; Get the 411 on Tshegofatso on … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

How To Survive A Long Bus Journey

Sitting in a bus for 10 straight hours can be hella boring but not everyone can afford plane tickets to and from everywhere they travel to, so most times you just have to opt for the cheaper way which 99% of the time is nerve raking. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I tend to do this … Continue reading How To Survive A Long Bus Journey

#Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

Like a god, he walked towards me and casually asked if I can help him with Vaseline for his lips. Normally I'd say no to people without blinking (I hate sharing my Vaseline) but this time the situation was different. He was different! I wanted him to stay and talk. I stalled him with random … Continue reading #Fodreamy1On1: Reminiscing My Ex

Struggles Of Wearing Eyeglasses 

It feels like a lifetime ago since I started wearing spectacles. Anyone who wears spectacles recommended by an Optician and not as a fashion statement will understand it's no fun and games having to depend on your spectacles 24 hours a day. I'm lucky that I can slightly see without my glasses - though I … Continue reading Struggles Of Wearing Eyeglasses 

Reasons I Rarely Watch TV drama Series 

You know how people gather up in the office every Wednesday / Thursday mornings to brief each other on the highlights of Scandal/ Empire? Well, you'll never find me in that group. No! No! It has nothing to do with my social anxiety or dislike of being conformed in a group. I just never have … Continue reading Reasons I Rarely Watch TV drama Series 

How To Create A Weekly Goal Map

Most times I enjoy planning, it's such a shame 90% of the time I never live up to my goals but Hey! don't judge me I'm human. If you're anything like me, you'll understand how it's always exciting to set yearly goals but it always gets monotonous trying to follow them through. I always tend … Continue reading How To Create A Weekly Goal Map