My Soul Soothing Playlist

I rarely listen to music as much as I should but I won't deny the fact that music takes me to cloud nine and gives me good vibes every time I listen to it. If you haven't noticed this yet then I'm just going to put it out there - I like categorizing stuff ! … Continue reading My Soul Soothing Playlist

Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

At age twelve with fresh braided bantu knots She sighed and stared at the red door,  This was it.  Tilting her head and raising her hand out to reach for the door bell,  In there, her Goliath awaited.  This time she believed by avoiding eye contact she could do it.  Walking past the now opened … Continue reading Not Feeling Social Enough |Spoken Word 

Reasons I Rarely Watch TV drama Series 

You know how people gather up in the office every Wednesday / Thursday mornings to brief each other on the highlights of Scandal/ Empire? Well, you'll never find me in that group.  No! No!  It has nothing to do with my social anxiety or dislike of being conformed in a group. I just never have … Continue reading Reasons I Rarely Watch TV drama Series 

Ways To Keep Fit When You Can’t Make Time For The Gym

I have talked about keeping fit before (See Here). I believe its important to always TRY and exercise to keep your body fit- Yes! that includes eating healthy. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscles being consistent to a workout schedules is always a struggle especially if you have to go to … Continue reading Ways To Keep Fit When You Can’t Make Time For The Gym

My Top 5 Life-Saving Apps

Aaah! Don’t we all love technology! I still have moments when I wonder how my life was before certain apps. I enjoy having apps that make my life easier, I know it has its pros and cons but today let’s just stick to the pros of why some apps are a must have! I am … Continue reading My Top 5 Life-Saving Apps

Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Guess what day it is? Its November 2nd, My birthday ! Can we all raise our glasses of still water to appreciate my existence in this world. Let's drink to the fact that I fill your timelines with random and corny blog posts, I mean who else would do that?! The original birthday celebration plan … Continue reading Make A Wish And Blow Your Candles

Can We Talk About Bras !?

Can we talk about bras!? Yes? No? Never mind I'll still talk about bras whether or not you're up for it... Well, hello lovelies in today's post I'm going to go on about bras. Don't worry it's PG Rated I promise. I'm always excluded from talking about bras by my peers 'cause they say I … Continue reading Can We Talk About Bras !?

Gift Haul| October 2016

No, I did not run out of blogging ideas ! I'm just ... I'm just ... Umm! I honestly don't know what I'm trying to achieve but please can we just go with the flow. Pretend you're reading the best article on your favorite magazine, or not! In today's post I let you in on … Continue reading Gift Haul| October 2016

Highlights Of The Week

Just like every other week for the past few months, my week was a roller coaster filled with unstable emotions, insomnia, doubt, fear, joy and weirdness. I'm grateful for all that happened 'cause for sure it made the week interesting - ish. Today, I recap the highlights of this week and this is just because … Continue reading Highlights Of The Week

The Get To Know Me Tag:Day 7- A Weird Quirk Of Mine

Wassup world! Its *checks watch* 8:30 p.m. Welcome to another day, another challenge *Read in Destorm's voice *. Its Day 7 and we are still holding it up strong people,we are definitely winning in this daily blogging thingy . We all have weird quirks,right? Then let's talk about mine:- I like when things are organised; my … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag:Day 7- A Weird Quirk Of Mine