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Unrequited Love

Hot cup of coffee to warm my hands, as I watched him from my bedroom window I loved the sound of rain, the smell of dust withering away He looked happy, I could tell dimples never leaving his cheeks I painfully gulped down the coffee it tasted bitter, matching my emotions; that could be me!… Continue reading Unrequited Love

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The sun forcing its will against the worn out window net, old folks asleep, hoping not to face the wrath of the day. The dusty village drags itself awake on the whiff of cashew nut smoke Cock crows; and I, a dreamer, awake as a rumor of war, ready to set through my set goals… Continue reading Dreamer

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Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

You are my worst nightmare. always by my side with a smile that gives me chills I don't want you in my head go away, fear! You say you're my only friend yet you mistreat me, emotionally drain me I wanted to do that; join the writing competition but you said I wasn't good enough… Continue reading Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

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An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

I have had my own set of struggles with anxiety. Phases where I just want to lay in bed and shut the world out. I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is cry because all I hoped and prayed for was to die. People suspecting you’re not okay and wanting… Continue reading An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

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Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition

A lot has taken place since my last chit-chat. I started a small jewelery business (FodreamyCloset), classes for this semester commenced and the fun part is I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday every week. I go swimming at least 3 times a week. Life is just happening you know and I'm grateful for everything.… Continue reading Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition

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… Illusion| Spoken Word Poetry

“I have to ace this” I thought! Words formed in my mind, My pen swiftly glided on the answer sheet I couldn’t stop myself I kept going Suddenly, the timer went off With a smile, I stared down my master piece I couldn’t believe this My heart leapt into my throat What have I done!… Continue reading … Illusion| Spoken Word Poetry

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3 Year Anniversary + Am I A Blogger Yet?

On January 19th 2015, I was laying in bed in my University dorm room bored out of my mind. I didn't really feel like doing anything - studying Commerce was frustrating and my then roommate was away hanging out with friends. Normally, when I stay indoors all I ever do is write. Writing is the only… Continue reading 3 Year Anniversary + Am I A Blogger Yet?

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What I Learnt About Myself During The Last Month Of 2017

It's interesting how the period between the first week of December and New Year's Eve has taught me a lot about myself. For those who are frequent guests on my blog, y'all understand how much I dislike the festive season​ cause I just feel it comes with too much work and pressure. My anxiety wants… Continue reading What I Learnt About Myself During The Last Month Of 2017

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Chitchat + Back From The Break 

If you've been a frequent guest on my blog then you should know how much I passionately despise the festive season. To most normal humans, the festive season is a time of great joy and family love but personally I just feel it's too much work and pressure. I'd rather we skip this month and… Continue reading Chitchat + Back From The Break 

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Blogtober|Day Fifteen – My Current Fitness Routine

I weigh 95 lbs most people assume I'm an active person but in reality I have a love/ hate relationship with fitness and I'm underweight. I used to love working out alot but I kept losing weight and it stressed me out cause I just wanted to be fit and that's when I learnt I'm… Continue reading Blogtober|Day Fifteen – My Current Fitness Routine