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The sun forcing its will against the worn out window net, old folks asleep, hoping not to face the wrath of the day. The dusty village drags itself awake on the whiff of cashew nut smoke Cock crows; and I, a dreamer, awake as a rumor of war, ready to set through my set goals… Continue reading Dreamer

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That Woman

Sitting on the swings watching unexpected instances Like raindrops on car windows and I will never not frown For the woman I have become A woman who always fades into the background in social gatherings Who is socially awkward that she couldn’t even carry a proper conversation in parties A woman who prefers to stay… Continue reading That Woman

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And I Let You|Poetry 

Like a fool, I just let you i let you invade my thoughts, convince me I was unworthy. I let you guilt trip me, When I did not give my coin change to the begger. I know I shouldn't but, I let you! I ignored my conscious, When you told me I am a failure,… Continue reading And I Let You|Poetry 

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I Wish, And Wish Some More|Poetry

Standing in-front of a mirror, as I apply two coats of mascara on my top lashes; I can't help but stare at my lips; Plump - just the way Kylie likes them. My mind takes me to that time someone said I am lucky for I don't have big breast problems, "How does it feel… Continue reading I Wish, And Wish Some More|Poetry

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Guilt Haunts Me| Poetry

I see my pain, even with my eyes are closed! I pray and wish my life away every single night. But here I am, no hope, no aim I feel lost and empty even looking at my reflection on the mirror This is not how it should be; "I didn't lie, I didn't betray them,… Continue reading Guilt Haunts Me| Poetry

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Self Love|Poetry

but first love yourself like you would, your favorite idol. At the end of the day its the only thing that matters everything else means nothing except The feelings of acceptance, admiration and pride towards yourself Over To You ... What has been your recent act of self love? Thank you for reading. With Love,… Continue reading Self Love|Poetry