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The Art Of Staying Positive| Spoken Word Poetry

We ought to stay positive Even when in the midst of darkness We need to make a concerted effort, To increase positivity in our life. Intentionally choose to experience positive emotions We can’t avoid negativity in our lives, obviously; But what matters is the ration of positive to negative emotions over time Afterall if we… Continue reading The Art Of Staying Positive| Spoken Word Poetry

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10 Healthy Habits For 2018

How is 2018 different from all the past new Years' you ask? Well, first of, let's acknowledge the fact that I actually KNOW/REALISE its 2018 -- normally the fact that we started a new year usually sets in on the first week of February. Secondly, I have not had problems (yet) in writing the date.… Continue reading 10 Healthy Habits For 2018

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What I Learnt From American Housewife

How many of you have ever watched a TV show called American Housewife? *stands on a table to raise my hand super high* If you haven't watched this show yet then what are you doing with your life? Basically, American Housewife is a family comedy told by Katie Otto a wife and mother who tries… Continue reading What I Learnt From American Housewife

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FodreamyInterviews: 005 – Beverly Dee

In between having a full-time job, creating content for her YouTube channel, slaying in Zumba classes; this amazing lady based in Mumbai takes fangirling to another level. Meet Beverly, a soulful lady who unapologetically supports all the people that inspire her - especially Lilly Singh. She is the queen of #TeamSuper and actively uses her… Continue reading FodreamyInterviews: 005 – Beverly Dee

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Fodreamy1on1 : Learning To Love Your Body

Never in my life have I looked at my body in the mirror and thought, "Damn! Your body rocks! " I always seem to have a bone to pick with my body. I don't know when or how this all started but it is one skill I'm good at for sure. I'm not proud. Every… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1 : Learning To Love Your Body

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Two Years Of Blogging

Two years down the line and I still can't pinpoint what my blogging niche is. Hmm! Typical Jade always wants to be all over the place, settling for one thing isn't enough for me, YET! I can finally cross out "Start a blog" off my bucket list 'cause its official my blog is here to stay… Continue reading Two Years Of Blogging

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Why I’m Not Excited About December

Its the 20th of December 2016! If you know me really well, you know how much I hate December. I always wish November was the last month of the year maybe things would be simpler. I envy people who are passionate about Christmas, people who go all the way out and do #blogmas, decorate their… Continue reading Why I’m Not Excited About December

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The Three Day Quote Challenge// Day 2

Hi,welcome back to Day 2 of The Three Day Quote Challenge.You can catch up with Day 1 HERE in case you missed it. Emz of Side by Side nominated me for this challenge and I'm liking it so far. The rules are quite simple:- Post one to three quotes per day for three days and… Continue reading The Three Day Quote Challenge// Day 2

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Fodreamy1on1: Stop The Negative Thoughts

You know how some people can just suck the life out of you, while others give off a positive vibe? Sometimes I walk into a room and feel negativity in the air and it just doesn't feel right staying in that room. People who are endlessly negative make you feel tense and on the edge.… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1: Stop The Negative Thoughts