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10 Healthy Habits For 2018

How is 2018 different from all the past new Years' you ask? Well, first of, let's acknowledge the fact that I actually KNOW/REALISE its 2018 -- normally the fact that we started a new year usually sets in on the first week of February. Secondly, I have not had problems (yet) in writing the date.… Continue reading 10 Healthy Habits For 2018

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Fodreamy1on1: My Stretch Marks (Almost ) Drove Me To Self Hate 

I have been skinny most of my life and a "comfort over fashion" kind of girl since I was young. I joined a boarding high school and a few month's into it I started gaining weight. I loved every moment of it cause I looked healthier and curvy. The all girls high school I went… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1: My Stretch Marks (Almost ) Drove Me To Self Hate 

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Things I’m Really Not Good At

Nobody is perfect. Let's take a moment of silent and let that sink in! Growing up, I was always the frail kid - weak, delicate, weird, sickly and average. It bothered me a lot and it never helped that my mother used to compare me with other kids/ siblings​ or even relatives. Looking back now… Continue reading Things I’m Really Not Good At

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Self Love|Poetry

but first love yourself like you would, your favorite idol. At the end of the day its the only thing that matters everything else means nothing except The feelings of acceptance, admiration and pride towards yourself Over To You ... What has been your recent act of self love? Thank you for reading. With Love,… Continue reading Self Love|Poetry

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Fodreamy1on1 : Learning To Love Your Body

Never in my life have I looked at my body in the mirror and thought, "Damn! Your body rocks! " I always seem to have a bone to pick with my body. I don't know when or how this all started but it is one skill I'm good at for sure. I'm not proud. Every… Continue reading Fodreamy1on1 : Learning To Love Your Body

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The Three Day Quote Challenge// Day 2

Hi,welcome back to Day 2 of The Three Day Quote Challenge.You can catch up with Day 1 HERE in case you missed it. Emz of Side by Side nominated me for this challenge and I'm liking it so far. The rules are quite simple:- Post one to three quotes per day for three days and… Continue reading The Three Day Quote Challenge// Day 2