#FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

At age 18, Tshegofatso is doing it all- blogging, creating content on YouTube, drawing, you name it! She is carving out a name for herself simply by sharing her love for fashion, beauty, creativity and life. I was able to chat with this lovely South African lady via email; Get the 411 on Tshegofatso on … Continue reading #FodreamyInterviews: 004- Tshegofatso from Sempiternal Adventures

July 2016 Goals

Wow !!! I've never been so excited about a month beginning like I am right now. June was blur for me. I honestly can't account for anything productive I did in June - well apart from receiving rejection letters and not crying about it, yet! I'm super excited about July, and I have many things … Continue reading July 2016 Goals

Types Of Texters -Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Types of texters. Basically this is just an extended version of me roasting myself and an apology to all the people I've texted and never texted back. And to that, I'm so sorry. 1) The 'IGNORER' Texter: This person commonly just sits there and looks at … Continue reading Types Of Texters -Part 2

Be On The Lookout

When I was younger, most people dreams ranged from being a doctor, pilot or nurse to carpenter,teacher and so on. Times have changed, Every "normal" being dream is to be the next big thing. We are in a century where most human beings want to be Celebrities. Yes, I said it ce-le-bri-ty . According to my urban … Continue reading Be On The Lookout