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YouTube Channel Promotion

Hey guys, welcome to FODREAMY My name is Jade, an aspiring lifestyle blogger. Today's post is a little bit different - a promo to be specific. I created a YouTube channel in 2016 and uploaded two videos (which you really don't have to watch) and I have been dormant since then due to personal unavoidable… Continue reading YouTube Channel Promotion

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Cliché Relationship Traditions We Could Do Without 

Hi, My name is Jade and I'm a certified couples stalker. I could spend half the day watching boyfriend/ girlfriend tags videos on YouTube and creep on tumblr and instagram cute couples pages. Phew, that was a mouthful!! Basically, that's the story of my life! Today's generation doesn't make it easy for the single people… Continue reading Cliché Relationship Traditions We Could Do Without 

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Blogtober|Day Five – My 3 Favorite YouTube Channels

I love YouTube, it happens to be one of my favourite places to hangout when I am bored. After years of spending time on there, discovering channels has become my superpower. Here are some of the channels that I always stalk for inspiration, motivation, comedy or just when I don't know what to do with… Continue reading Blogtober|Day Five – My 3 Favorite YouTube Channels

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FodreamyInterviews: 005 – Beverly Dee

In between having a full-time job, creating content for her YouTube channel, slaying in Zumba classes; this amazing lady based in Mumbai takes fangirling to another level. Meet Beverly, a soulful lady who unapologetically supports all the people that inspire her - especially Lilly Singh. She is the queen of #TeamSuper and actively uses her… Continue reading FodreamyInterviews: 005 – Beverly Dee

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Not Feeling Social Enough|Poetry

At age twelve with fresh braided bantu knots She sighed and stared at the red door, This was it. Tilting her head and raising her hand out to reach for the door bell, In there, her Goliath awaited This time she believed by avoiding eye contact she could do it. Walking past the now opened… Continue reading Not Feeling Social Enough|Poetry

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A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

Hello stranger, Happy New Year! I hope this finds you well, Welcome back to FODREAMY . I will not get into the "New Year, New Me" cliche shenanigans but I will not pretend not to care about drafting a plan on how I hope to grow during this New year. So without further a do… Continue reading A Rough Draft Of My 2017 Goals & Expectations

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Ways To Keep Fit

I have talked about keeping fit before (See Here). I believe its important to always TRY and exercise to keep your body fit Yes! that includes eating healthy. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscles being consistent to a workout schedules is always a struggle especially if you have to go to… Continue reading Ways To Keep Fit